A Clinical Bavarian House Elf’s take on Winter Loneliness

Winter can be a lonely time, I know it is hard for many people. Please reach out to someone if you are feeling isolated.

Published by Tóchair Tydes

A Wandering vagabond, International English Speaking Counselor and Therapist, M.S.W, herbal alchemist, with a heart of silver. Torn by the winds of wanderlust, I explore as much of this world as possible. I am a traveller, guided by the Shimmering Ways of the Lady of the spiritual crossroads, she who can be found where the waves of Manannan Mac Lir crash upon the earth where the sun meets the horizon and the road maps of life can be found in the shimmering stars. This journey of life has me seeking the magic of the old ways, cleverly hidden in the new ways of progressing technology, magic is found in stories told that connect past with the present. It is where I walk, with my dog Nehalennia, seeking the mundane and the spiritual ecstasy I invite you to join this journey with me, seek the mysteries, hear the sarcasm and enjoy my mishaps that guide me to a greater understanding of what this life is.

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